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The Eugene Police Foundation is an independent community-based entity formed to support the overall performance capability of the Eugene Police Department (EPD) by providing financial and organizational support for, among other things, (1) acquisition of specialized safety equipment, training, and other service enhancements that promote the health and safety of EPD personnel and support high-level police operations; and (2) fostering communications, awareness, partnerships, and positive working relationships between EPD and Eugene citizens and community organizations.

The activities of the Foundation are intended to complement but not displace or reduce the responsibility of the City of Eugene and its citizens to provide the necessary public funding for essential law enforcement services. The Foundation’s expenditure decisions are made in response to requests and recommendations by EPD leadership as off-budget needs or opportunities arise.

There is no paid staff, and no fixed overhead. Administrative expenses (postage, printing, website management, and the like) are less than five percent of total revenue.

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When you support the Eugene Police Foundation, you create new opportunities to help make positive change in yours and surrounding communities.

Board Members

Get to Know Our Board

The Foundation is managed and operated by an all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Tammi Miller


Tamara has lived in Oregon since 1990. She earned her BA degree from Utah State University, graduated from the University of Oregon School of Law (1994), and is a member of the Oregon State Bar. Tamara served as a member of the Eugene Police Commission for a term of eight years, including serving as chair and vice chair. She has been involved with other community service organizations and boards, most recently the SELCO Supervisory Committee of the Board and enjoys serving her community.

Mary Ann Hanson

Vice President

Mary Ann grew up in the San Francisco bay area and attended Gonzaga University where she met her future husband, Niles. Mary Ann served on the Eugene Symphony Board for 16 years and served as Board President for 6 of those years. She also sat on the UofO School of Music & Dance Advisory council for 10 years. She just recently rolled off the LCC Foundation Board after 6 years of service. She was invited to join the Eugene Police Foundation in January of 2020.

John Kilcullen


John grew up in Creswell and graduated from the UO law school. He has served our community in the Lane County Sheriff’s Office for 13 years and is now retired. John’s son, Eugene Police Officer Chris Kilcullen, was killed in the line of duty in 2011. Because of Chris, John has a strong affection for EPD and law enforcement in general.

Kim Short


Kim grew up in Eugene and has raised his family here. A graduate of the UO, Kim went into the banking industry at an early age and has his own multi-disciplinary management consulting firm. Kim serves our community in many ways, including on past terms on the Eugene Budget Committee.

John Brown

Board Member

John is a native Oregonian and has lived in Eugene his entire life. He is married to Cathy Rodman Brown, a former teacher in School District 4J. He served in the US Army, with a tour of duty in Vietnam. John is a commercial real estate broker, and outside of his professional work has found time to serve as an EWEB Commissioner as well as the Board of Willamette Family Services. He was on the first Police Commission serving a total of 8 years, helping write many of EPD’s policies. John was selected as Eugene’s First Citizen in 2015.

Julie Pickett

Board Member

Julie is a native Oregonian and has lived her entire life in the Eugene area. She is now retired from nearly 25 years in the Real Estate Banking field. She is married to Stan and has grown children and is now enjoying time spent with her grandchildren. Julie enjoys being involved in her community and has volunteered her time in many community projects and several Boards. In addition to joining the Eugene Police Foundation Board, Julie also is on the Relief Nursery board.

Susan Selig

Board Member

Susan is a visual artist and business woman. Before moving to Eugene 35 years ago, she ran a successful real estate company and with her husband Heinz, owned two restaurants in Palo Alto, California. They believe that communities work best when those who earn their living from a community give back to that community in some other form. She is a past President of the U of O Museum of Art (JSMA) and a long time supporter of the Shedd Institute, the Relief Nursery, the Eugene Symphony and Artspark. Susan and Heinz own and manage their own commercial real estate properties in Lane County and more recently the Eugene Mission.